Professional Accounting Services For large a small company Professional Accounting Services For large a small company

Our services

We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of all technical development. However, we know that you will also be looking for more than just technical competence.

Our commitment

By continually monitoring the changing regulatory, statutory and taxation environment, we aim to minimise the compliance burden on our clients leaving them free to run their businesses. We do much more than just tell you how your business has performed in the past. We will work closely with you to help you develop your planning for the future and more importantly, Javed & Co will work with you on the implementation.

Complete service

Perfect timing

We know that timing is often critical in many business deals and opportunities. Our dedicated professional advisers will be there to offer you support and guidance.

Over the years we have built up relationships with solicitors, bank managers, property professionals and stockbrokers who we can call upon to help our clients achieve their maximum business potential.